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Effortless IT Asset Management:
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IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Strategic Solutions for IT Asset Disposition

Welcome to GDI Trading’s IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services. As a leader in the industry, we offer comprehensive solutions to manage the end-of-life cycle of your IT assets. From secure data erasure to environmentally responsible recycling, we handle every aspect of asset disposition with expertise and care. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your IT equipment while minimizing environmental impact and maximizing return on investment.
Data destruction

Protecting Your Data: Our Secure Solutions

Protect your sensitive information from potential data breaches with GDI’s proprietary data erasure and destruction services. Our rigorous processes ensure compliance with industry standards, including R2v3, RIOS. ISO, DOD, NIST 800-88 protocols that guarantee the complete and irreversible removal of data from your devices. With our secure methods, you can trust that your data will be effectively eradicated preventing the risk of data breaches and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. Custom data erasure & destruction reporting is provided as part of our secure chain of custody protocols. 
Value Recovery

Maximizing Asset Value: Our Value Recovery Services

Our Value Recovery services are designed to maximize your return on investment (ROI) for end-of-life IT assets. Whether you aim to repurpose, resell, or recycle your equipment, we provide tailored solutions to extract the maximum value.
With 20 years of market expertise and industry insights, we conduct thorough market analysis to identify the best resale opportunities for your assets. This ensures fair market value, positively impacting your bottom line.
Electronics Recycling

Promoting Sustainability: Our Electronics Recycling Solutions

At GDI, we understand that electronics recycling is often the immediate response to processing end-of-life equipment. However, our primary objective is to recover as much value as possible from these assets before responsibly recycling them. Adhering to R2v3 protocols, we ensure that each step of our process maximizes value recovery, significantly reducing the e-waste cycle. This approach not only extends the lifecycle of electronic components but also minimizes environmental impact. By holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards, we are committed to fostering a cleaner future for the next generation. We proudly uphold our zero-landfill policy, ensuring that no electronic waste ends up in landfills.

Efficient Asset Management: Our Logistics Services

At GDI Trading, we provide comprehensive white glove logistics solutions customized to meet your specific needs. Our services include nationwide pickup, secure transportation, asset tracking, and onsite removal reporting. Our logistics experts collaborate with you to ensure a seamless process from start to finish. With our dedicated account reps and secure chain of custody, accessible via our client portal, you can create, track, and monitor assets throughout the entire process. Our onsite white glove service covers the consolidation, removal, and shipping of assets, allowing you to focus on your core business while we handle logistics.

detailed reporting

At GDI Trading, data security is paramount, and our reporting capabilities based on R2v3 protocols ensure complete transparency and accountability. We provide detailed IT asset audit reports that validate the data erasure and destruction process, reflecting our commitment to our clients. Our comprehensive reports include key IT asset details such as serial numbers of secured, sanitized, or destroyed devices, categorized on functionality and cosmetic grade. Security details, including Certificates of Data Destruction (CoDs), are meticulously documented. All reports and certificates issued by GDI are securely stored on our online portal, allowing clients to access or retrieve them at any time.
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